About The Hop Project

Here at 2 Way, we believe that a large part of what makes craft beer so much fun is learning about it. And the best part of learning about craft beer is that it usually involves drinking new beers. With the latest trends in the brewing world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by labels screaming about which or how many hops various beers have. Every time we turn around, there is a new variety of impact hop that is making headlines in the beer world. To help put this hop-crazed world into perspective, we thought it would be fun to apply one of the great aspects of craft beer to help sort through the overwhelming world of hops.

The idea is simple. We brew a beer with the most basic possible malt bill and just one hop so that 100% of the character of the beer comes from that hop. Hop additions are made along a normal time schedule so bittering, flavor, and aroma characteristics all come from the chosen hop. With this regimen, the brew contains as close to a normal hop profile as possible, thus providing the clearest picture of the characteristics of the hop. The beer is brewed one pin at a time so that a new hop comes up on a regular basis. Come ‘hop’ on the project with us and have some fun learning about hops!

The Project: To brew a beer using a single malt recipe for simplicity, and a single hop in order to showcase that particular hop and only that hop.

When: The project gets under way starting this weekend December 4th. When the keg kicks the next hop is up.

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