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A Note About Beer Rotation

Here at 2-Way we believe in providing you with the ideal balance of exciting new beers and 2-Way favorites. Therefore some of our beers appear on a rotational basis in our taproom while others remain on-tap consistently. Ultimately, we’ll always have something for you to enjoy!

And if you’re curious about our hops, don’t forget to check out The Hop Project!

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O.G. 1.055 IBU 27 ABV: 5.2%
Yeast: 2 Way Silverthorn Ale

 Grain: Pilsner, Vienna,  Acidulated, Cara Pills
 Hops: Willamette, Hallertau
 Style: New York Farmhouse
2 Way’s flagship. Named for the effect explaining the style generates, this new style is reminiscent of a Belgian pale. With an eye toward redefining “local” this brew is produced with a 2 Way proprietary yeast isolated from black raspberries bushes on a local Hudson Valley farm. The simple recipe is designed to showcase the wild flavors this strain has to offer. Light and refreshing the Confusion offers a beautiful balance of fruit and spice with notes of pineapple and clove.

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Beacon Brown

O.G. 1.050 IBU: 40 ABV: 5.0% Yeast: WLP Irish Ale

 Grain: 2 Row Pale ale malt, Roast Barley,  Oats, Cara Pills
 Hops: East Kent Golding, Fuggle
 Style: Brown Ale
A unique American style brown ale designed to be exceptionally drinkable. Simplicity is key for drinkability, and the Beacon Brown keeps it that way with Pale Ale malt and Roast barley providing rich flavors of roasted malt, and nuts. An addition of oats lends a mellow creaminess which smooths the edges and keeps you reaching for another. This highly approachable brew is perfect for the year’s cooler months.

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Revolution Red

O.G. 1.050 IBU: 31 ABV: 5.5 Yeast: WLP Irish Ale

 Grain: Maris Otter, Caramel 60, Roast Barley
 Hops: Willamette, East Kent Golding
 Style: Irish Red
A flavorful base of Maris Otter provides a backbone for a mild caramel sweetness perfectly balanced by roast barley bitterness. Gentle additions of English hops give this beer a low level bitterness. Designed for those who aren’t looking for sensory overload this splits the difference between light and dark, and can be returned to time and time again.

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Climb High. P. A

O.G. 1.073 IBU 75 ABV 7.3% Yeast: WLP Irish Ale

 Grain: Pale Ale, Munich, C-120
 Hops: Columbus, Willamette, Cascade
 Style: India Pale Ale
An IPA is a must in any breweries repertoire and the Climb High steps to the plate to fill the niche. With 75 IBUs and 7.3% alcohol by volume this beer doesn’t crack under pressure. A mildly sweet malty base supports the high level of bitterness, while a generous late boil Cascade addition and gentle level of dry hopping provide the perfect blend of floral aroma and fruit flavor. This beer is a certain hit with any IPA fan.

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Heart of Darkness

O.G. 1.082 IBU 55 ABV 6.0% Yeast: 2 Way Silverthorn Ale Yeast

 Grain: Maris Otter, Caramel, Chocolate, Cara  Pills, Roast Barley, Oats
 Hops: Colombus, Fuggle, EKG
 Style: Stout
One look at this inky libation and the name is understood. Think and rich, this beer devours light. A complex blend of light and dark malts gives this crafty brew layers upon layers of flavor. A subtle sweetness bolsters the bitter dark malts bringing out their nuances. Mellow burnt notes and hints of coffee give way to a creamy chocolate aftertaste. A cohort of shadow, the Heart of Darkness is the perfect partner to help survive the long, dark, frigid nights of winter.